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Model: Abaco
Marcorocco is inspired by the design of the abacus to the classic toys of our childhood. In fact, the abacus is both a playful and decorative object a..
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Ex Tax:€ 288.53
Model: 184
The pine cone, better known in Grottaglie as Pumo, is a very traditional object in this city of Italy. The series of “pumos” designed by Marco Rocco t..
€ 86.89
Ex Tax:€ 71.23
Model: 002154
The series of Baroque, classic and romantic lampshades designed by Marcorocco are inspired by the sinuous lines of the respective architectural eras. ..
€ 374.00
Ex Tax:€ 306.56
Model: 171
In this project, I designed this bottle inspired in particular by the Vummile, a terracotta object designed to keep the water that Salento agricultura..
€ 68.20
Ex Tax:€ 55.90
Model: 0002598
The bird nest is both a decorative and a useful object. Designed by Marcorocco to really host a nest of birds, it is perfect to be hung in your garden..
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Marco Rocco Macrì

Marco Rocco Light and Colors

Objects designed with passion and products to last over time

Hi, I'm Marco Rocco, originally from Grottaglie, a city in southern Italy, famous for ceramics for more than a millennium. I deal with design and production of home objects, in 2015 I was one of the 100 most influential designers of the year. In my family I am the seventh generation that perpetuates values and excellence in super current, but at the same time artisan products.

Normally my design process starts from a concept, an idea. Maybe I read a book or see a picture and my mind clicks, but I'm never in the mechanical search for ideas.

For my objects I like to use all materials, but I think that ceramic, being an ancient and natural material, makes objects more spiritual, almost with a personality.

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