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Rendering environments

Preview your spaces thanks to our 3D rendering and design service

Design and rendering

The design and production service of the Marco Rocco studio offers the possibility of customizing its objects through 3D modeling by creating variations of the products already present in the company catalog or creating objects never made, starting from the particular needs of the customer, this gives the possibility of get unique and unrepeatable items that will furnish your home exclusively.

Realistic results

Our daily challenge is to develop unique and exclusive concepts, which is why we follow our customers throughout the design process that uses 3D modeling techniques, rendering and photo retouching to ensure that the end result is truly added value.

The study of environments is for us one of the fundamental aspects, finding harmony between structure, shapes and colors, only subsequently creating the object that enhances your home and your spaces, respecting the personality of the owners.

You can view some renderings made for our customers in the dedicated section in our News by clicking here!

From the Concept to the finished Product

How do we develop a personalized project? Here's how we respond to customer needs.

Customer concept and listening
The design phase begins with the gathering of the client's needs: from the careful listening, Marco Rocco's professionals begin to study the best project able to satisfy the customer's expectations and realize the desired object.
Custom design
Marco Rocco realizes personalized projects with a constant search for quality in all its aspects: from the architecture of the interior spaces to the realization of the furnishings, up to the choice of materials.
Preliminary renderings
To crown the design phase, we create elegant and precise renderings of each project, to provide the customer with a detailed idea of ​​the final result and to compare together on possible developments, variations or specific solutions.
Thanks to the long experience acquired in the craftsmanship of materials and the manual skills of our masters, the laboratory proceeds with the realization of the project; real fine art objects of high quality and finish that give the environment elegance and personality.

Examples of renderings created

We carry out detailed projects, with photorealistic renderings, for any environment.

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