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Product Warranty

There are not two identical and this makes each creation a special gift. Small imperfections, depressions and ripples of the surface are deliberately present, constituting a specific characteristic of the product and testifying to its special craftsmanship.

Certainly receiving a handmade gift, beyond the object itself and per se, means receiving the experience, the art, the culture, the "knowing how to do", which any acquired object, even if valuable, cannot never contain.

Handmade: art and imperfection

"Handmade" does not mean mere execution, but contains the inspiration, the starting idea, the design, its actual creation, packaging and shipping, everything is done by hand. Every Marco Rocco object is made by a master who loves what he does, for pleasure and passion, every creation is made with love and obsessive attention to detail. Giving a handmade Marco Rocco object means giving something unique and special that encompasses the love, attention, skill and constructive experience that the object contains in the moments in which it is created.

It creates a direct relationship with those who produce

Buying a handmade object gives the opportunity to get to know the person, the tradition the culture that led to the development of the passion and its history.
Besides being unique and exclusive in itself, it can be further customized.

Buying a craft object and being able to communicate directly with the person making it gives the possibility to ask for unique variations of the object to give, something impossible for an object purchased from the series. Every work done by hand carries a story that is a mix of many elements: starting from what inspired the designer Marco Rocco, to move on to research and to the choice of the material used, from the difficulties he had in creating it to the joys he felt in his term, everything contributes to creating a story around that object. The value of the object thus increases, and it will never be thrown in the garbage.

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